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Our mission is to help you grow your online business profitably.

Everything we do is rooted in equipping the wonderful community of online sellers with the tools and resources to help them grow their businesses faster and more profitably.




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We're online sellers, just like you.

We started our journey selling online, just like you. When selling on marketplaces, we found it difficult to accurately calculate the fees and profits with the existing tools on the market.

We frequently found ourselves asking: 

- "How much profit am I making on my Etsy orders?"
- What are Amazon’s fees?”
- “How do I calculate Amazon’s fees on each of my SKUs?”
- “What is eBay’s final fee for each sale I make? What about PayPal’s fees?”
- “How can I calculate my profitability before listing my products?"

Calculating your Amazon and eBay fees can be tricky, and we were constantly selling our products at a loss because we didn’t know how to correctly factor marketplace commissions into our pricing.

All the calculators we found were outdated and didn’t use current fees. That’s when we took matters into our own hands and created Omni Profit Calculator, the easiest way to calculate your profitability and intelligently price your products. By correctly pricing our products, we increased our profitability by nearly 25%!

We hope you'll find the same value in our tools as we did!

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