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eBay Fee Calculator

Last updated: March, 2024

eBay Fees Explained

Our eBay Fee Calculator is designed to help you determine your fees to profitably sell a product on eBay. Below are a few definitions to get you acclimated:

eBay’s Minimum Performance Standards: The seller (presumably you) has canceled less than 2% of all transactions and/or there are unresolved cases of PayPal Protection/eBay Money Back Guarantee.
Top Rated Seller Plus: The seller (you) have less than 0.5% of the above defects, over the last 12 months your totals sales exceed $1,000 dollars spanning at least 100 transactions and you offer 30 day or longer free returns. This may sound a little overwhelming but eBay gives you a discount on your Final Value Fees.

Here’s a short, detailed, and easy to read article on how eBay fees work.