Feb 25, 2024

Top Software Tools for Etsy Sellers (2024) - Grow Your Etsy Business

What're the top software tools for selling on Etsy? We've done the research and outlined them for you here.

Top Software Tools for Etsy Sellers (2024) - Grow Your Etsy Business

Looking to give your Etsy shop a leg up? The tools in this article might be just what you're looking for. We dive into some of the top platforms that Etsy sellers can use to accelerate their business and get their products noticed like never before.

From crafting the perfect listing to keeping your numbers in check, we have the scoop on all the must-have Etsy tools that can help you kick your competition to the curb. Let's get started.

What're the best Etsy seller tools?

When trying to stand out in a crowded marketplace, having an arsenal of effective tools can give you the competitive edge you need. Below, we explore some of our favorite Etsy tools, and discuss why they're so essential for sellers.


Marmalead is a useful tool for Etsy sellers looking to improve their store's search rankings. It's straightforward and accessible, making keyword research less daunting, especially if you're not particularly tech-savvy.

By helping you choose the right keywords, Marmalead aims to increase the visibility of your listings. It's a practical solution for those who want to spend more time creating and less time figuring out SEO.


CraftyBase is a go-to option for Etsy sellers who need a helping hand with inventory and bookkeeping. It makes life simpler by taking the headache out of tracking every last detail, and enables you to keep an eye on cash flow.

It also has your back when it comes to pricing. No more guesswork or worrying you're selling yourself short. CraftyBase helps you figure out the right price point by considering what you've put into your products, from the materials to your valuable time.

CraftyBase makes sure you know exactly what your products cost you to make, down to the last penny, so you can be clear on your profits. It's always on top of your stock, orders, and expenses, and even sorts them into categories on your behalf.

And for those who dread tax time or just want to see how their business is doing, CraftyBase generates a variety of reports on the fly. This means you can stay on top of your game, whether it's preparing for taxes or your next product launch.

Omni Profit 

Omni Profit offers tools for Etsy sellers to manage their finances more effectively. Their main feature is the free Omni Profit Etsy fee calculator, which helps sellers understand the various fees associated with selling on Etsy and how they impact overall profitability. For those looking for a more detailed analysis, OmniProfit also provides a downloadable spreadsheet-based Etsy Fee and Profit Calculator Template.

This template, which costs just $10, can be purchased and downloaded directly from Etsy. It's designed to give sellers a more comprehensive view of their costs and profits, allowing for more precise pricing and budgeting. 

Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your strategy, OmniProfit's tools are aimed at making the financial side of selling on Etsy more transparent and manageable.


Alura is an all-in-one platform designed to support Etsy sellers in growing their business. It offers a range of tools including a keyword research tool and a product seeker to explore high-demand and low-competition niches. Alura also provides a listing helper, follow-up reminders for customer engagement, and an email sender for marketing campaigns.

The platform boasts over 120,000+ Etsy sellers as users. The tool is user-friendly and offers actionable information to help sellers optimize their listings for better search rankings and increased sales.


Aweber offers seamless integration with Etsy, making it easier for shop owners to grow their email lists. This feature is a big plus for Etsy sellers who want to keep in touch with their customers and send out updates or promotions.

Aweber's pop-up forms could be better, however. They're pretty clunky and out-dated, and aren't friendly for smartphone users, which is a bit of a letdown. Since so many people shop and browse on their phones, having mobile-unfriendly pop-ups can turn potential customers away.

On the flip side, Aweber's integration with Etsy is designed to be compliant right from the start. If you're wondering whether it's an approved integration, the answer is yes. Etsy sellers can find more details about this integration in the Shop Manager, specifically under the marketing section where Aweber is listed.

As for compliance with Etsy's terms, Aweber uses a Confirmed Opt-In (COI) process. This means that when customers sign up, they'll get a confirmation email asking them to verify that they indeed want to join your email list. This extra step makes sure that you're following Etsy's terms by only adding people who have explicitly agreed to receive your emails. It's a way to build your list responsibly and maintain trust with your customers.


eRank is a popular tool among Etsy sellers for boosting their shop's search engine visibility. It's packed with features like keyword research and trend analysis, which are essential for staying ahead. They also run surveys, like the Etsy Buying Habits Survey, which digs into what makes buyers tick. The latest one they did highlighted how much shoppers value good photos, clear communication, and solid reviews.

eRank helps sellers understand what buyers want and how to tweak their shops to meet those expectations. It's a good choice for Etsy sellers who want to get their products noticed and keep their customers coming back for more.


EtsyHunt is a tool designed to give Etsy sellers an edge by providing them with detailed business analysis capabilities. Currently, EtsyHunt has a database showcasing tens of millions of Etsy products, each with in-depth information including total sales, weekly sales, and product review ratings.

The platform is aimed at helping sellers identify high-demand products so they can gain inspiration for their own stores. EtsyHunt is particularly useful for SEO, helping sellers improve their search rankings and become more visible to potential buyers.

Sale Samurai

Sale Samurai is an all-in-one Etsy tool that helps sellers grow their business by providing insights and analytics. It's designed to remove the guesswork from getting your products in front of customers. With Sale Samurai, you can discover powerful keywords that shoppers are using, analyze real search volume, and implement strategies to increase the success of your listings.

Sale Samurai includes a Chrome extension that makes it easy to analyze Etsy search results without leaving the site. You can filter, sort, and download data in real time, which is crucial for staying ahead of the competition. Additionally, it provides insights into tags and search volumes used by top sellers, giving you the information needed to stand out in the marketplace.


QuickBooks offers a suite of tools specifically designed for Etsy sellers to streamline their financial management. With the app, transactions from your Etsy payment account can be automatically imported into QuickBooks, categorizing each sale, refund, and fees to save time on manual data entry.

The app is a smart solution for easy reconciliation and gaining insights into your finances. It's particularly useful for self-employed Etsy sellers, as QuickBooks Self-Employed can help with paying quarterly estimated taxes online, auto-importing data for tax filing, and providing a clear view of real income throughout the year. This integration simplifies things come tax time and helps sellers keep a close eye on their financial health.


TaxJar streamlines the sales tax process for Etsy sellers, making it easier to manage the complexities of tax collection. It identifies where you have a tax presence, otherwise known as nexus, and helps you get registered for a sales tax permit in those states. Once set up, TaxJar assists with collecting the right amount of sales tax from your customers, whether you're in an origin-based or destination-based state.

The real magic happens when it's time to report and file. TaxJar organizes the sales tax you've collected, according to the specific requirements of each state. And with their AutoFile feature, they can even handle the filing for you, submitting your tax forms when they're due. This integration with Etsy not only saves time but also guarantees accuracy in your tax reporting.


Putler is an analytics tool that helps Etsy sellers get a clear picture of their business by consolidating data surrounding their storefront. It's intended to give you the full story of your sales, customers, and traffic in one spot. With features like sales heatmaps and customer segmentation, it's pretty useful for figuring out how to grow your revenue.

It's user-friendly and starts at just $20 a month, which is a good deal for sellers who want to go beyond what Etsy's basic analytics offer. If you're looking to get a better handle on your shop's performance, Putler is worth a look.


Outfy is a tool that helps Etsy sellers promote their stores across various social media platforms. It automates the creation and posting of social media content, allowing sellers to connect their Etsy shop and automatically share their products. Outfy offers features like making collages, videos, and GIFs to showcase products in a more engaging way. It also provides promotional tools to help grow your online store significantly.


Mailfold offers a straightforward solution for Etsy sellers looking to expand their marketing beyond the digital world. It enables you to send your shop's promotions through direct mail, like postcards and letters, to customers anywhere in the U.S. You pick your design, upload your customer list, and they take care of the printing and shipping. They even have eco-friendly options, which is a nice touch.

The platform has a design tool that lets you create your own mail pieces, and it comes with features for tracking campaign performance and finding new customers. It's designed to be set and forget, so you can focus on other parts of your business while Mailfold handles the direct mail aspect.


Crowdfire is a social media management tool that's particularly useful for Etsy sellers looking to boost their online presence. It allows you to schedule posts, manage content, and track your performance across multiple social networks. This means you can automatically share your latest products and updates with your social media followers.

The app helps you maintain a consistent posting schedule, making sure your social media feeds are always active. With Crowdfire, you can also monitor mentions and engage with your community from a single dashboard.


Socioh is a tool that helps Etsy sellers amplify their impact on social media. It simplifies the process of showcasing products on Facebook and Instagram, allowing potential customers to browse and even purchase directly from social media pages. Their flagship product is Branded Catalogs, which provide professionally designed, rule-based templates for your feed.


Photoshop is a game-changer for Etsy sellers looking to make their images pop. It's the go-to software for tweaking photos to look just right, whether that's fixing the lighting, cutting out messy backgrounds, or adding text over your images. It does more than just edit photos though. You can also whip up mockups of your products, which is super handy if you're selling items that are customizable or come in multiple variations.

Sure, it might take a bit of time to get the hang of using Photophop if you're new to it, but there are a bunch of guides and tutorials out there to help you out. And even though it's an investment, getting your shop to look top-notch is worth it in the end.


Canva is a lifesaver for Etsy sellers who want to create eye-catching graphics without needing a degree in design. It's a user-friendly online tool that lets you create everything from product images to social media posts, banners, and even your shop logo. With a ton of templates and easy drag-and-drop functionality, it's perfect for giving your Etsy store a polished, professional look.

You can play around with fonts, colors, and images to match your brand vibe. A lot of what Canva offers is totally free. They do have a paid version that gives you more features, like background removal and access to a wider range of photos and elements.

For Etsy sellers who are committed to DIY but still want a finished feel, Canva is a no-brainer.


Inkscape is a free tool that's perfect for Etsy sellers who want to create sharp, engaging graphics for their shop. It lets you create everything from logos to detailed illustrations without losing quality when you scale them up or down. It's got a ton of pro-level features, but without the pro-level price tag, which is great if you're watching your budget as a seller. The tool is intended to make your workflow smoother, so you can spend less time on design and more on your business.


Seller-Way is a suite of tools designed to help Etsy sellers grow their sales. It's built by people with firsthand experience selling on Etsy, so they've fine-tuned the tools to what they believe will really make a difference for your business.

By signing up for Seller-Way, you get access to a variety of features, including listing and shop analysis, keyword and SEO tools, insights into competitors' shops and sales, and information on hot trends and bestsellers.

Seller-Way also provides listing design ideas, color suggestions, to-do lists, and more. It's a comprehensive package aimed at taking your Etsy business to the next level, whether you're just starting out or looking to boost your existing sales.


Koalanda is a great new tool for Etsy sellers, focusing on giving you intel about keywords, SEO, and what your competition's up to. It helps make an influx of data easy to understand and use, so you can make smarter decisions for your shop. You can peek at any Etsy store's sales history, adjust your listings right on Koalanda, and get a detailed score that tells you how well a particular keyword is doing.

They keep their info up-to-date with daily refreshes, and also offer a two-week free trial to help get your feet wet. It's a solid option for Etsy sellers looking to step up their game and leverage data-driven insights.


Printful is perfect for Etsy sellers who want to sell custom products without the fuss. You design products on their proprietary platform, list it on Etsy, and when it sells, Printful prints it and ships it. No need to stock up on inventory or deal with post office runs. It connects directly with your Etsy shop, and you only pay when your merchandise sells. It's a great way to get your designs out there without doing any extra legwork.


Vela is a straightforward tool for Etsy sellers that simplifies bulk editing listings and managing multiple shops. It allows you to make quick changes to prices, titles, and photos, and you can schedule updates too. If you're selling on more than one platform, like Shopify and eBay, Vela can help you copy listings from one to another. They offer a week's trial for free, and pricing after that is based on your shop size.


Notion is an organizational tool that can be a real asset for Etsy sellers looking to streamline their operations. It's a place where you can keep tabs on your inventory, jot down your business processes, and plan out your marketing moves. It's like a virtual assistant, helping you stay on top of orders and map out every last detail.

It's especially useful for writing out repeatable tasks, like how you handle shipping or manage customer questions, which is a massive time-saver if you ever bring on new team members. It's fully customizable with widgets you can add or remove, so you can adjust it to match exactly the way you work.


MockupEditor gives Etsy sellers the power to create realistic mockups for their products. It's packed with features that let you arrange your products in different scenes, choose from a variety of backgrounds, and add items to make your mockups look more natural. You can play around with lighting, angles, and positioning to get everything looking just right.

The tool is designed to be intuitive, so you don't need any advanced design skills to use it. This can be a game-changer for showcasing your items in a more attractive way, which can help your Etsy listings stand out to potential buyers.

Whether you're selling posters, apparel, or prints, MockupEditor can help you create the kind of images that make people stop scrolling. It gives customers a better idea of what they're buying – which in turn leads to more revenue for your store.

There you have it. Our list of the best tools for Etsy sellers. By downloading and using any – or all – of these tools, you can completely transform the way you do business, and take your Etsy storefront to the next level.

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